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The Republic of Madagascar

The Republic of Madagascar is an island country in the Indian Ocean, miles off the coast of East Africa. It consists of the island of Madagascar and numerous smaller peripheral islands. The name of “Madagascar” is not of local origin but rather was named by the memoirs of 13th-century Venetian explorer Marco Polo. It means “Malagasy Country”. Also known as the Kingdom of Cattle and the Hometown of Vanilla.

马达加斯加共和国(The Republic of Madagascar)是一个位于非洲东南部海岸的印度洋国家,有许多岛屿组成。岛名“马达加斯加”实际上并非源于当地,而是由13世纪的威尼斯探险马可·波罗命名。可释义“马尔加什人的国家”,别称有牛的王国”、“香草之乡”。


National Flag


The national flag of Madagascar is composed of white, red and green. The white is a vertical rectangle, near the side of the flagpole. Red and green are parallel rectangles from top to bottom. The areas of the three rectangles are equal. White symbolizes purity, red symbolizes sovereignty, and green symbolizes hope.


National Animal


Madagascar has a kind of ancient animal called a living fossil - lemur, which accounts for more than 90% of the world's surviving lemur species.




Official Language

The national language of Madagascar is Malagasy (Malay-Polynesian language family), and the official languages are Malagasy and French.





About 85% of the local residents believe in Christianity (Catholic and Protestant), 4.5% believe in traditional religions, and 3% believe in Islam.






The capital is Antananarivo, with a population of 1.6 million.



    The Madagascar time is 5 hours later than Beijing time.





picAntananarivo University


Five years of compulsory education is implemented. Formal education is divided into five years of basic (primary) education, four years at the lower secondary level, three years at the upper secondary level. During Ravalomanana's second term, he shifted the focus of education policy to education quality. In 2008, public education expenditure accounted for 13.4% of total government expenditure. Currently, the largest university in the country is Antananarivo University.



Major Holiday

Independence Day: June 26










The traditional Malagasy worldview emphasizes fihavanana (solidarity), vintana(destiny), tody (karma), and hasina (stigma of life force). In addition, Malagasy people use divination to confirm the auspicious days for important ceremonies. For exampleEvery four years, locals will choose auspicious days to hold famadihana. On New Year's Day, people will express their blessings to each other by giving each other chicken tails.




There are two domestic airlines, with 36 airplanes and 58 airports. There are 6 international airports, and the Ivatu International Airport, Tamatave Airport and Nussibe Airport can accommodate large aircraft.




Tsimbazaza Park is located on the banks of Lake Zimbazaza at the foothills of the Palace of Antananarivo in the capital. The garden gathers precious flowers and trees and rare animals.

津巴扎扎公园Tsimbazaza Park位于首都塔那那利佛王宫山麓的津巴扎扎湖畔。园内汇集着名贵花木和珍稀动物。


picTsimbazaza Park

Ambohimanga is Located 20 kilometers north of the capital Antananarivo. It is a mountain villa with dense trees. It is also called the Holy City because of the palace and royal mausoleum built there.






Mausoleum of Madagascar's Kings is the mausoleum of successive kings and queens, located next to the Antananarivo Palace.

马达加斯加王陵Mausoleum of Madagascar's Kings)是历代国王和女王的陵墓,位于塔那那利佛王宫旁。



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